Welcome and enjoy the journey.

I want to bring you on a journey.
No, you don’t need your passport.
You don’t even need to take any vacation days.
It looks like it going to be very exciting and I can’t wait to see where we go together.
You are welcome to join our Conan Exiles server  [AU/NZ] Age Of Calamitous RP PVP
Mods required. A detailed description how to install mods is available.

Game time

I have over 4000 hrs in Conan Exiles. I have played on many servers PVP, PVE, PVE-C.
World of Tanks have 52K battles.


I started streaming about a two ago and recording game tutorials which you can view on youtube about three months ago. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the followers,  subscribers, players and viewers.

What I stream

Come join the journey with us in Conan Exiles.
Live Window into the African Wildlife.
Feel free to ask me solutions to:
Problems or questions about natural stone.
How to clean, maintain or how to protect.
I am business owner in New Zealand.
I am widely acknowledged in the market as a leading source of expertise and intellectual property, and have accumulated decades of experience both domestically and internationally. Therefore I am able to provide a wide range of technical and practical solutions for all of your natural stone requirements.

Join our server

Join Conan Exiles server name mods required (click install mod tab above website)  : [AU/NZ] Age Of Calamitous RP PVP

Watch me stream and join the fun.

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